How to Register IT Company and Call Center with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is working to provide support and growth to the IT industry of Pakistan in the local and international market and trying to make Pakistan the second most significant place in IT exports in South Asia.

Company Registration with PSEB is compulsory to attain the benefits of Tax exemption from the Income Tax Department in Pakistan. For Call Centre Registration with Pakistan Software Export Board is necessary. Call Centre, IT Companies and Freelance who are registered with PSEB are exempted from income tax and company must attain Income Tax Exemption Certificate from FBR.

List of Documents Required for Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) Registration
IT Company & Call Center
  1. Company / Business NTN issued by FBR
  2. CNIC of all Directors (Company)/ Partners (Firm)/ Proprietor (Proprietorship Business)
  3. Passport copy of Directors (Company)/ Partners (Firm) (In the case of foreign nationals only)
  4. Attested copy of Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (for SECP registered companies only)
  5. Attested copy of Form-II (SECP registered Companies only)
  6. Attested copy of Incorporation certificate (for SECP registered companies only)
  7. Attested copy of Partnership deed (for Partnership based firms)
  8. Attested copy of Firm registration certificate Form-C (for registered firms)
  9. Bank Maintenance Certificate.
  10. Business Bank Statement of the last six months or Business Bank Account maintenance Letter/Certificate (In case of New Company or Call Center account

Time Required 20 to 25 working days:

After the registration of Sole proprietorship or AOP or Pvt Ltd and opening of Bank Account you can file the registration of PSEB.

PSEB will generate a proper Certificate after the registration with PSEB.

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) Registration Benefits of in Pakistan.

The following are the benefits for Registration of IT Companies and Call Centers and Freelancer  with PSEB.

  1. Worldwide sponsorship for participation in upcoming IT-related Events and Exhibitions.
  2. Participation in IT-related local events in Pakistan and have to chance of meeting with foreign investors and delegates.
  3. Achievement of International certificates based on performance and target achieved in the IT industry like CMMI and ISO.
  4. Visa assistance for PSEB members Company employees and investors.
  5. Business Promotion through PSEB IT portal
  6. Enhance credibility in the IT Market.
  7. Tax exemption on IT exports services from Pakistan according to the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. (currently till June 2025)
  8. Repatriation of profits is permitted
  9. Call Centers are legalized based on PSEB registration.
  10. Free workshops on multiple business segments members
  11. Quality bandwidth services at competitive rate.

Major Functions of Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

  1. Prepare strategies for development of IT industry in Pakistan
  2. Enhancements and amendments in Pakistan public policy influencing IT industry
  3. Registration of New IT Companies and Call Centers in Pakistan and provide them incentives and facilitation.
  4. Planning and development of “Software Technology Parks” and IT Parks in all around Pakistan
  5. Execution of marketing plan which helps out domestic Information Technology companies interact with Foreign IT Companies and to attract and facilitate foreign companies to establish their software houses in Pakistan.

Govt of Pakistan promotes software companies for mandatory registration with the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) to monitor IT remittances from abroad. This confirms that IT companies provide the best quality services as per international standards implemented through PSEB. IT companies in Pakistan are producing IT software, games and developing applications for smartphones. PSEB’s role is to promote the Pakistan IT industry in local and international markets in human capital development, research and development, strategy building, innovation and Bop services such as telemarketing, medical transcription, and technology enhancement.