Trade Mark Registration:

They allow customers to identify a business as the source of a product or service. Trademarks are the basis to create a company’s brand and reputation: they create a relationship of trust with customers, which enables a business to establish a loyal clientele and enhance the company’s goodwill.

Once your trademark is registered no one can use that trade in Pakistan and you can also challenge if anyone is using your Sign or Trademark.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

Following documents are required to do the trademark registrations in Pakistan:

CNIC of the appellant’s

  • Logo/Trademark of the Company / Firm / Business (In Soft)
  • Business type Goods/Services
  • Business address
  • CNIC of Applicant
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Pay order of rupees 3000/- only on the name of “DIRECTOR GENERAL IPO PAKISTAN” for Trade Mark Registration Number.

Time Duration

Trademark registration might take 12 to 18months in registration. The letter of approval of using can be provided within 14 days until the process is fully completed.

Benefits of Trade Mark Registration

  1. The company thus does its trade under the said mark which is understood because the trademark of Company or person.
  2. When an individual or a company registers their Mark with the govt. agency then that’s referred to as a registered trademark.
  3. The advantage of getting the trademark region is that no other person individual or an organization can affix the said mark on their products. Registration of the trademark thus deters duplicity of the products of the first manufacturer.
  4. Persons can manufacture similar products but can’t affix the trademark of another which has been registered.
  5. A person who copies another’s trademark is susceptible to face action as per prevailant laws of the country where the said offence has been committed or of the country during which the trademark has been registered.

Signs of the Trademarks:

To indicate the trademark claim, companies designate the following symbols:

  • Using the trademark symbol after a logo or phrase alerts competitors that you have claimed this symbol or phrase as your own, but you don’t have to have even formally apply for it.
  • Only trademarks that have been officially granted by the Trademark office can use the symbol, which stands for registered trademark.
  • Companies that sell services, not products, have the option to use the service mark logo, but most use the ™ instead for simplicity.

Our Procedure of Trademark Registration In Pakistan:

Trademarking is a significant step for the protection of logos, brands, products, and makes one’s business unique. It will reduce your competitors and give you protection in case of copyright issues. There are several trademark consultations in Pakistan. Many intellectual properties and law firms exist for your brand, ideas, symbols, and name protection as there is no possibility of stealing your assets. The following steps are included in brand registration in Pakistan.

Step 1: Search for Trademark

In this step, the applicant searches for a trademark, and also ensures that the trademark which he/she wanted to register is rare. There are many trademarks searches and brand registration consultants in Pakistan through which you can register a trademark online from any place. Applicant requires to fill a document with code TM 55 and describe the required trademark. After application, the next procedure is for TMR officers to search for trademark availability.

Step 2: Filling Out Application

In this step , a simple application is filled for the trademark registration. The application consists of the applicant’s name, the applicant brand, variety of the product, description of the services. The trademark form for this portion is TM 1 and TM 2 with product classification and brand divisions. Applicant must give the list of commodities and products for which the trademark is enrolled.

Step 3: Formalities Assessment

The trademark registry will check the particulars of the application and confirm that they are relevant to documents. If there is any deformity found by the trademark registry then the applicant must be fixed in 30 days.

Step 4: Analysis of Publication

The trademark registry will check the application under the trademark act and analyze whether it is able for registration or not. and ensure that the trademark is not identical to someone’s denomination. The trademark journal is published every Monday j. Pakistan by the head office of the trademark registry.

Step 5: Trademark Advertising

After the acceptance of the application by the trademark registry Now, it will announce in the trademark magazine. Anyone can see the trademark in the journal and if any party does not agree to the applied trademark then, there is an opposition period that lasts for four months. In this period the trademark attorney allows the public for title opposition. The dispute is raise by the community as they have equal rights to disagree with any brand. If there is friction application is not moved by the trademark attorney and the applicant is called for resolving, then applicant fills a defensive form TM -6 or TM -9 against opposition notice. After fixing the conflict application is now moved for further process.

Step 6: Ultimate Registration of a Trademark

After the publication of the trademark in a monthly journal a demand notice of fee submission is sent to the applicant by the trademark registry. The applicant submits the fee to the administrator of the IPO-Pakistan or director-general.

Step 7: Certification Procedure

A registration certificate is issued after the payment or submission of the fee by the applicant. The applicant is assigned with a registered symbol ® after the registration certificate is issued. The applicant may use this symbol for products, or services.

Step 8: Trademark Revival

Once the trademark is registered and certified then it is the responsibility of the applicant to renew the trademark every 10 years to enjoy the brand.

Trademark Protection:

No doubt that a trademark is issued for the life of a company or product, businesses do need to guard against phrases becoming generic. This typically happens over time when people use a company’s product name to mean all products or processes like it. To continue to claim that trademark, those companies need to notify people who misuse the term to stop.

Benefits of trademark registration in Pakistan:

Once a trademark is registered, the owner receives the following main benefits:

  • A notice of claim to any other businesses thinking of using the same symbol or word as its trademark
  • A legal presumption of ownership, which can help fend off would-be users.
  • The exclusive right to use the claimed trademark usage.