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One of our key performance indicators is to maintain integrity and transparency in our client’s relationship. This KPI plays a vital role in our business growth and reputation.  Client’s work update is regularly shared which greatly facilitates our customers and ultimately result in repeat business from our clients.



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Trade Mark Registration in Pakistan

Trade Mark Registration in Pakistan

Trade Mark Registration Process and Fee Summary of Flat Case  ™ To ® process including 10 Year Certificate fee Ordinary/ Normal Process 1st Step (™) includes Official Acknowledgement having ™…

Company Registration in Pakistan

Company Registration in Pakistan

Following types of company’s registrations are available in Pakistan: 1. Single Member Company (SMC) Single Member Company (SMC) holds a separate legal entity comprising of 1 owner (Director / Member).…

<strong>Private limited company</strong>

Private limited company

The Definition of a Private limited company is a type of company, usually small, that does not issue shares to the public. The company’s name is usually followed by ‘Ltd’,…

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Pakcan Marketing Pvt Ltd CEO

Our experiences working with ITNA Consultants was very good .I can confidently recommend their high quality, professional work. If you’re working with them, I can say for sure that you are in great safe hands. Best Wishes Pakcan Marketing Pvt Ltd .

Explore With Us Pvt Ltd CEO

The biggest reason we engaged ITNA Consultants Law Firm was their knowledge and their expertise in Company Registration and Tax Consultancy Services. Regards Explore With Us Pvt Ltd.

BI Soft Tech Pvt Ltd CEO

Dear ITNA Consultants Team, I would like to thank you for your excellent efforts and commitment in assisting us in Company Registration services . I am impressed with your dedicated answer and time that has helped us avoid unfavorable deficiencies that may have led to additional cost and time delay. Thank you once again. Regards BI Soft Tech Pvt Ltd. Adil Hameed

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