Registration of IT companies with PSEB

IT companies operating in Pakistan can register with the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) to gain access to the various services and benefits offered by the organization. Registration process with PSEB is voluntary and it typically involves the following steps:

  1. Submit an application: Submit an online or offline application to PSEB along with any required documentation such as the company’s registration documents and financial statements
  2. Evaluation of Application: PSEB will evaluate the application and conduct an on-site visit to verify the information provided in the application
  3. Issuance of registration certificate: Once the company meets all the requirements, PSEB will issue a registration certificate
  4. Annual Renewal: IT companies registered with PSEB have to renew their registration annually by submitting an application for renewal.

The registration process and requirements may vary depending on the specific services that the IT company is interested in, it would be best to contact PSEB directly to get more information on the specific process and requirements for your company.

PSEB provides several services to registered IT companies, including promotion of the company’s products and services in international markets, facilitation of access to international resources and partnerships, and training and certification of software professionals. Additionally, PSEB also provides market research and analysis to help companies identify opportunities for growth and also provides guidance on government policies and regulations related to the software industry.

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