What is PSEB

PSEB stands for Pakistan Software Export Board, it is a government-funded organization that promotes software exports from Pakistan. PSEB is responsible for the development and promotion of Pakistan’s software industry, including software exports, and is also responsible for promoting the development of IT-enabled services in the country.

The organization works to develop and promote Pakistan’s software industry by providing services such as:

  1. Facilitation of export of software and IT-enabled services
  2. Facilitation of investment in software and IT-enabled services
  3. Facilitation of strategic partnerships between Pakistani and international software companies
  4. Providing training and certification to software professionals
  5. Facilitation of access to international markets and resources.
  6. Facilitation of market research and analysis to identify opportunities for growth in the software and IT-enabled services sectors

The PSEB is also responsible for implementing the policies and regulations of the Government of Pakistan related to the software industry, and it works closely with other government organizations and private sector stakeholders to promote the development of the software industry in Pakistan.

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