What is Weboc

WebOC (Web Based One Customs) is a web-based Customs clearance system introduced by Pakistan Customs. It is an online, user-friendly system that allows importers, exporters and their clearing agents to submit and process customs declarations, clearance documents, and payments electronically. This system aims to improve the efficiency and transparency of the customs clearance process, as well as reduce the time and costs associated with clearance of goods at the ports and airports of Pakistan.

WebOC system is developed in-house by Pakistan Customs and its provides facilities such as automated processing of declarations, real-time tracking of shipments, and the ability to pay taxes and duties electronically. It also includes features such as e-payment, e-cash deposit and e-challan and e-tax payment options.

The WebOC system is expected to reduce the clearance time for imports and exports, which is expected to improve the ease of doing business in Pakistan, as well as create more opportunities for trade and investment in the country.

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